True Story of Jogging

Published: 20th September 2011
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As to the unusual physical condition, I always held the doubted opinion. But I have to admit that running really changes me. The important thing is that it makes a great contribution to my mental side. As long as I was confused about jogging, I would analysis the advantages and disadvantages of jogging. I wanted to know whether this theory was suited to both me and the others. So I began to ask other runners' opinions about the running. At last there are a large amount of joggers have the familiar thought with me. As a matter of fact, the condition is equal. Joggers all have a typical situation. In order to own a beautiful figure people choose to jog. They want to lose weight and feel better. But there are still some people decide to run to waste the extra energy. After several months' running, people started to spend more time in running. The running time is more than the required time. Because that they knew the benefits in the running. People even can say that this kind of changes happens in the psychology. A lot of people wanted to know the method of harmonizing the private time and jogging time. He told them that he was a fellow of God but at present he is a jogger. Although he thought that church things are the equal things with the running event, and he liked it very much. He increased the running to the highest level. For a long time, experts had already studied the jogging's good and bad benefits. However expert just knew the surface side of jogging. So we cannot belittle the benefits of running. Figure states and psychological states are bounded by the jogging advantages. We should know the origin of jogging. And we have to decide the time of running. People should keep in mind that long time jogging is not a nature thing. If we want to have the benefits from running, we should at least run twenty minutes a day and three days a week. Maybe there are a lot of joggers own the familiar opinion with me. If people become stronger and stronger, they will spend more time on running. Some people would run eight to ten miles a day. However due to the dissimilar conditions the effects of jogging are dissimilar. Therefore we have to concentrate on the distinct good and bad sensation of jogging.

Running can remove the pain. Most Americans have poor healthy situation. They have many bad habits. They are too fat and eat too many junk foods. In England as long as young people have a strong mood, he will lose his temper. A lot of people may think that jogging has two sides' differences. After the world war, many people join in the jogging group. If you see that tennis and golf field, you can see that many people are practicing. The doctor never mentioned the inspiriting examples to the others. Almost all the doctors own the bad and selfish minds on the sport. The doctors who have bad healthy condition regarded themselves as the authorities of the healthy problems. They always show off their life styles to the others. They don't think that they would do wrong things. So they believe themselves.

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